Home Cookin'

Okay, so you all know the stove works, well last nights meal, was created in the new kitchen. There was triangle action, fridge to counter top (chopping) to stove top cooking back to fridge and so on. I was never able to do that before in the old kitchen. I think that I used to move in a trapezoid pattern. So much room, light, even cooking... it was amazing and I must say thoroughly enjoyed by the family.

catfish po'boy

I still have to design the pantry shelves, I'm thinking three shelves on two of the walls with hooks for broom, mop, bags for groceries. The microwave, which is only used for warming milk for coffee and Augie's burritos from TJs, is tucked in the pantry on a stainless steel cart I picked up at an estate sale a while back. And we are thinking of getting a small fridge to put soda in for the kids.

I still have not put any art on the walls. I'm putting a lot of thought into it, seriously thinking about creating some pieces that have been swimming around in my mind for a while. We will see.

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