An Exchange

Ok, so we all make mistakes right? Well I caught this one in time, thank goodness!

While visiting The Tile Shop Lombard a couple of weeks ago, I bought some subway tile for the kitchen. While walking around the showroom, I was drawn to this very large 4x16 subway tile. I thought it would be perfect for the back wall in the kitchen. So I bought it!

Well this morning I decide to bring it in and take a look at it. I take them out of the box and they are huge! After holding up a few on the wall, Casey, Paul, Miguel and I decide, although it was an interesting idea (you don't usually see subway tile that wide) we decide that they should be returned and 4 x 8 pieces should be bought.

I hed out to Lombard to visit my buddy, Matthew, the nicest sales person in the world. He's the first person I see, he remembers me and I tell him my problem. After a bit, I return the tiles and am headed back home with my 4 x 8 tiles, happy as a clam. 

Here are a couple of sketches I did in Illustrator that shows the design of the tile. Hopefully I will have a photo early next week of the real thing!

back wall tile design

south wall tile design

I'd love to hear feedback, I've disabled the comment restrictions, so you don't need to have an account to leave a comment.


  1. Subway tile is always great - simple, classic, and assuredly in the style of your home. The design looks wonderful.

    If I had any reservation (fishing here, but trying to think of something in the spirit of your feedback request) it might be the second vertically-aligned row. I wonder if it doesn't bisect the hood in such a way as to make for some confusion for the way one's eyes move/scan the space.

    Are the cabinets white as well? If I'm thinking of the correct ones, are they the high gloss? If so, it might be fun to do a vertical alignment of the tiles (something akin to: ; or - the latter probably reads a bit too modern for the house, but I think it would look awesome with the steel/glass door fronts on the upper cabinets which are reasonably mod already. It would really push up the vertical scale of the whole room.

  2. Here's another great montage of some kitchens with subway tiles...

  3. I like the vertical subway tile, I've seen it before in magazines and online and have thought about it. But I've been seeing this kitchen in my mind with horizontal tiles for so long, not sure if I can make the switch. I will look at where the hood is as to where the vertical line falls. I'm not sure if I have the correct height for the hood in my sketch. I could possibly move it to the very top. I'll work on another sketch with that shift in tiles.

  4. I LOVE the subway tile! Great choice for your space and your style. I like the horizontal pattern with the clean lines and smaller space of your kitchen. The horizontal seems timeless. The tile pattern above the upper vertical line of tiles is slightly different than the tile pattern below the vertical line, so it's a little unsettling to the eye.

    Under the window, you have 3 tile patterns in 4 lines. Perhaps moving the bottom vertical tile down to the countertop on both walls, then under the window adding several rows of horizontal tile on top of the vertical line, even if you have to come up above the window sill. Where the wall meets the countertop will be noticeable. I can show you in my mom's condo in RF.

    Or bring horizontal tile 1-2 more lines up the window. When it's installed, the white sheen may make grout lines disappear. Thanks for sharing your progress!