Color choice is extremely important. I used to be scared to put any color on the walls, but I got over that after a couple of gray winters here in Chicago. The wall color in the house has changed several times since those bold colors I chose, 12 years ago. And they will probably change again after this renovation gets done. 

My process used to entail buying canvases and a few quarts of paint of several colors and painting the canvas and moving the canvases around the room at different times of the day. Unfortunately good paint is expensive and I don't have the time. So I'm lucky that my friend Sharon has some beautiful colors in her house, which I was a part of some of those choices.

I've decided to go with BM - Wish for the walls in the kitchen and dining room and BM - Platinum Gray for the studio. Photo below, even though the photo doesn't do justice to these beautiful colors. The photo makes them look really green... they're not.

Wish 2nd from left
Platinum Gray top

Paint goes up tomorrow, will post photos at different times of day. The color might still be a bit off  b/c there is only one light bulb in the space right now.

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