How do you do "Mr. Hood"?

Ok, since the last post, the tile is up! And they,, did an AMAZING job!

I want to thank everyone for their comments/opinions both online and in person, but I stuck with my original sketch, and I'm really happy.

As for today's update... after running errands all morning, I came home to "Mr. Hood"! I never had a hood in my old kitchen, we had an old fan above the stove, that was very loud. I always thought a bird was going to fly in to the fan and either be killed by the blades or fall into a pot of whatever was cooking on the stove. And I don't think it really did it's job that well, the back two bedrooms always smelled of what I was cooking, especially garlic. Not sure how the fumes got up there, it's a mystery!

But now I have a real hood, check out Mr. Hood below.

Mr. Hood

Oh it's starting to look like a kitchen isn't it?

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