Is that pizza delivery or Digiorno?

yummy pizza

Well the pizza is not delivery.... b/c I cooked it my new stove! The kids and I had talked about cooking that amazing meal in the new stove for the first time, but I didn't have much in the fridge. And the only reason I had pizza was Miguel had gotten it from TJs a couple of days ago.

Enough about pizza!

Now back to the reason I started this blog.... the kitchen!

Ok, I know what your'e saying "What the what?", "Get out of town!" Shut up! and I answer you all with a yes, the kitchen is done... well mostly (pantry shelves) needs to go up, but that's about it!

east and south wall
The wood counter top, I purchased from Fallen Branch Studio, is gorgeous! 

wood counter top

The globe lights below are from West Elm

globe lights

 Check out all those drawers and of course the counter top.

kitchen side of peninsula

I just love my granite counter top, I had to take another photo of it!

granite counter tops and thrifted wood bowl

The photo below is from the hallway looking into the dining room/kitchen. The red translucent lights are from Design Within Reach. They are definitely growing on me, Sharon and I kept pulling one away to see if one light was better. Having the Heywood Wakefield table and wood counter top in the room, definitely make the room warmer.

dining room table

Boudreaux is over in the left corner, not really knowing what to think. I think he just wants to know where his dog dishes are going in the new kitchen.

More photos to come tomorrow.


  1. wow wow wow, it is amazing!!! congrats! love it all!

  2. I will be over to break it in. Seriously. Name the date.