We've Got POWER!

Remember the electric box from Good bye #7, well take a look at this big dog! It's twice the size of our old box. Nothing like updating the old electric. Maybe this time I will put labels on each breaker instead of drawing it out on a sheet of paper and then loosing the piece of paper...

new electric box
Take a look at the box outside! I can't wait to run a couple electronics at the same time, oh it's just the little things in life isn't it...

Insulation was sprayed into the framing in the kitchen.

kitchen east and south wall
kitchen east wall 
east wall and pantry

pantry wall

I'm loving this pantry. I had the electrician put an outlet inside the pantry, so that I can put a microwave in there, since we only use our microwave for heating up milk for coffee and of course Augie's burritos. 

Tomorrow, I will be making a decision about the granite countertop, picking up my tile I ordered on Monday and ordering my kitchen faucet.

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