Loud, Stinky and Dusty!

Yesterday, the crew finished sanding the floors and put on the first coat of stain. Boy was that sander loud, thought the whole house was going to fall down. Unfortunately after loud, we had stinky, forgot how strong wood stain is to the old nose. Good thing is was nice out yesterday, left the windows open all day.

1st coat of stain in kitchen

Today is beginning of the third week of renovation and things are going extremely well. It's hard to believe that demo started just two weeks ago. 
All the drywall is up and the crew is finishing up the walls in the dining room, kitchen and studio/bedroom today. Only thing is, well...let's just say it's just a wee bit dusty in the house... Ruby and I rehung the plastic tarp in one of the doorways over the weekend, we sounded like sailors b/c the tape wouldn't stick to the plastic or the walls b/c of the dust, but we got it up.

Chris from Loop Construction getting into his work!

To get away from loud, stinky and dusty, BA and I went out to Addison to pick the slab of granite. It was between two slabs and the photo below is the one! Daniel, the granite fabricator will be coming out early next week to take measurements for the counter tops.

White Fantasy from Brazil

After our trip to Addison, we headed home with one more stop, Menard's. For those of you who don't live in the Midwest, Menard's is like Home Depot or Lowe's, but with awful lighting! What I mean is they don't sell awful lighting (there were a few ugly pendants and such there...) it's just really hard to see. It's like they use fluorescent lighting on a dimmer switch, turned way down. Anyway,  I found this very simple light for the kitchen pantry, for $11.98! A bit sleek and modern without the price tag, gotta love that!

pantry light

The guys brought my new window that will have it's home above the kitchen sink. Oh to be able to open a window in the kitchen! It's the little things that make me happy, you saw those photos of my kitchen before right?

kitchen window

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