Day 7

I must admit it was nice to have a quiet day yesterday, we all slept late.

We were invited to a friends house for dinner, thank you Haussmann's. I brought an appetizer and I made it in my make shift kitchen.

I made bruschetta! AND it was good!
I am also grateful that Sharon, asked me..."you did get a counter depth fridge, right?" Well, I did not! I emailed our new best friend out at ABT to make sure we get the counter depth KitchenAid fridge. Less than a couple hundred dollars difference in price, it is worth it to have it flush with the wall.

The photos below were taken this morning and gives you better idea of the layout of the kitchen.

Looking at kitchen, standing in dining room

Same view, slightly to the right

Same view, slightly to the left.
Note cubby for fridge and walk in pantry next to  it.

New oak floor being put down in kitchen.

I went out to Addison, IL this morning to look at granite. Absolutely gorgeous slabs of granite. The two slabs below are my favorite. Of course I kept being drawn to a couple pieces of marble.  I'm finding out that marble is becoming increasingly popular, but I have to just say no to the marble! I would be too nervous, I'm not the neatest cook.

I'm leaning towards this one, b/c it looks like marble.
It's not really green in the middle, it's just the lighting.

This one was nice too. A lot more gray than I had wanted, but it's really beautiful.

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