Check that puppy off the list!

Yesterday was exhausting. I ran back out to Global yesterday to  visit my new friend Monica, she is so patient with me, to look at granite AGAIN. 

And I'm glad to say, I can check another item off the list! I've chosen White Fantasy. A lot of people were in on this decision making process, and I apologize for late night texts and showing up at your house unexpected, while you are having a get together, with my samples in hand. (Sharon, Alex and Paul)

White Fantasy

The peninsula/island will have Afromosia as the countertop. This a very durable wood and is similar to teak. I was lucky enough that my architect, Debra McQueen, who I met thru Alex and Sharon a few years ago, had a supplier with a piece from a previous job, that they wanted to get rid of, because of this I was able to get it for a good price, this stuff is $$$$.

White Fantasy with Afromosia wood 
The exhaust for the fan was put in yesterday. We had previously thought the exhaust would go out thru the mudroom and out the south side of the house, but Casey's guys were able to keep it in the kitchen and run it along the ceiling before the drywall went up. 

I have to take a moment here to talk about my contractor, Casey and his crew at , Loop Construction, They are amazing! They have done several of my friends homes here in OP and when we started thinking about this project many years ago, I knew that I would want them for the job and they have not disappointed me!

Did you say clutter in the house?
The photo below is what the mudroom looks like now, of course it has seen some pretty messy days, but this is out of control. I've been told by a number of people that we need to get rid of some stuff. This renovation may be the wakeup call that we needed. Anyone who has been to my house knows that they must leave with something and usually do, hell sometimes I even drop it off at their house. But starting tomorrow, we have to de-clutter! 

messy mudroom

What's that on the wall?

Today, Saturday, while we were at a soccer tournament..... the crew put up ... wait for it......drywall! 

back wall of kitchen where the stove will reside

another angle of the back wall, with studio door at left,
cubby for fridge and pantry entry next to that 

back wall again and south wall where sink and dishwasher will be

fridge cubby

 We will be removing a door from upstairs that will become the door to the pantry.


drywalled ceiling

Below is the layout that I did for the kitchen. I didn't buy cabinets for the pantry, we will just have shelves in there for now.

Im looking forward to a quiet Sunday.

I do plan on making a couple of trips to Goodwill with a carload of stuff.

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