Good bye #7

old electric breaker box
Have you ever seen something so scary? We have had a lot of good times me and this box. I remember when I wanted to label all the breakers. We turned all the lights on in the house and the kids yelled down to me to let me know when I flipped the switch if the light went out.... good times. Of course most of the electric for the 1st and 2nd floor were on one breaker! #7, it was a powerful breaker that #7. You started to learn to live with not having the microwave and electrical kettle on at the same time. And for heaven's sake don't put a window unit in the living room! Are you crazy that's on #7. A fond farewell to you #7.

Well hopefully it's gone today and a brand new shiny box will replace it. I hope to be able to keep it. I've got several art installations being planned in my old noggin with things I find on the job site.

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