Thinking Ahead

Anyone who has ever been to our house, notices the art. It's hard not to, and there's a lot more of it in storage. The problem that I'm starting to think about is I've lost a wall, totally had both sides of it covered with art and I've been told by Paul (photo to come) that he doesn't want me putting nails into the beautiful walls that have been re-plastered..... I don't think that's going to happen.

Case in point the old kitchen I had my collection of state plates on the wall, I've been collecting them since high school, picking them up at thrift stores and estate sales in NOLA, Philly, BKLYN and Chicago. I've never spent more that $5 and most of them cost less than a dollar. I actually have post-it notes on the back of some them, where I bought them, what year and how much.  I've also had friends pick them up for me. I have every state and duplicates for some states.  Where in the world am I going to put them?

1/4 of the state plate collection

In the dining room we had a collection of art from and hatch show prints covering all three walls. Where is that going to go?

 letterpress/print collection 

Then there is the tile that was in the old kitchen. I wasn't able to grab any before it got thrown out, but I did take some photos. It kind of looks like a pixelated image. I might play around with it in Photoshop with color and see what I come up with. I know creating new art is not the objective of today's post.

old tile in kitchen

Then there are some images that I've taken over the years that are extremely graphic and I just love. Going back to my minimalism roots, it's a constant struggle I have.

The photo below of a steer skull I bought in Houston, TX in 1987. His name is Jake, he's named after my friend Lisa's dog from way back when. The kids don't like it, they say it scares them, it's going somewhere in the kitchen, but where?


The photo below is taken when I was home in NOLA last spring. It's my screen saver on my MAC, but it needs to be printed and hung somewhere...

water meter in NOLA

This photo was also taken on that trip. I always loved the ceramic tiles on some of the streets back home.

ceramic street sign

This photo was taken with my phone. It's a soccer field in some far out suburb, farm country. I played around with it on my phone and I love the contrast of the colors.

far out soccer field - Midwest

My latest acquisition was found in the old shed that was torn down at the House on the Hill in Tennessee. My Mom thinks my Grandfather must have found it on the road and was going to use it for something. My sister, Kate, found it in the shed and put it in the garage for safe keeping. I think she saw the look in my eyes when I saw it propped up in the garage, I owe her big time for letting me take it home.

sign found at House on the Hill

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  1. I say nails will and should abound !!! Great artwork of the best non-gallery kind...though much is gallery worthy...well and many of those prints are even from the source/studio. I think in addition to your kitchen blogging you should start a business hanging art in people's homes....right, but you would need somewhere to start...a volunteer to let you essentially work with them to curate their home....oh, can do mine :)