Decisions, Decisions....

Today was cabinet making day. The cabinets are from IKEA, yes some of you may cringe (pooh pooh on you), but for the look of cabinet I was going for, IKEA had the best price and it was a considerable amount less than some others I had priced out.  Besides we are doing this kitchen on a tight budget, I've got a kid going to college in a couple of years and she does not want to stay in the Midwest!

The problem that came up today was the space above the fridge, see below. The cabinet that I forgot that I had bought, is 24" tall, and the one I bought last weekend is 15" tall. One to tall and one too short. The only other size that IKEA sells is 17.75". So do I keep the 15" tall and have the guys put in a filler? Or should I get the 17.75" and put in less of a filler? The width of either cabinet is perfect, it will look built in, as will the fridge.

I have to go back to IKEA anyway tomorrow, b/c the gave me the wrong doors, ugh! 

wall cabinet would fit here right above the fridge

Below is a photo of the where the one upper cabinet in the kitchen will go. It will have opaque doors and fit between the back wall and window, on the south wall. Now the decision to be made I buy another cabinet to fit above it, not sure if they make one the correct size.

I'd like for the cabinet to go the ceiling, I think that space between the upper cabinets and ceiling is just a breeding ground for dust bunnies. BUT, since this is the only upper cabinet, it might look okay. Thoughts?

upper cabinet location

Below are some shots of the cabinets, pull out drawers, a really cool corner cabinet and wine racks, tons of storage!

corner cabinet in the making

wine rack

more cabinets

and more cabinets

Morning Prep

Below is a photo of another prep area that is in our living room. It's the morning prep station, coffee, breakfast and lunches are made here. Usually my collection of terrariums are on the table as a centerpiece, but for now they've been pushed to the back. One thing I want to accomplish this weekend is combining the terrariums, I've got too many. Maybe some will show up on a friends door...

morning prep station

Bar stools update

I know I had mentioned bar stools in my last post, well I'm still looking. I found a few on craigslist, but I think I'll have to wait to see how the space looks when the cabinets are in place, counter tops installed, tile and paint on walls

I don't want stools that are too big for the space, but I also don't want something that is uncomfortable. I've always liked Bertoia bar stools, but they go for a hefty sum starting at $900 each. We have a Bertoia chair, that I bought from a friend years ago, that no one in my family likes except for me so I think, I'll keep looking.

Bertoia bar stool

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