My kitchen

Okay, so this is the kitchen I've been living with for 12 years. I've definitely been able to make due and have added updates throughout the years. The two carts I've gotten at estate sales. They are primarily used for the microwave and any prep work.

As for things I will keep for the new renovation...the tile on the lower half of the wall, was probably installed in the 6os which I hope to save a bit of for either the new kitchen or a piece of artwork for the new kitchen.

The state plates, well I have been collecting since high school, back in the 80s, and yes I have every state. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them, since that wall will be gone... maybe they will go in the studio...

The fridge which is from the early 90s, was tucked into what will be the new walk in pantry, is currently in the my new studio, the orange room for those who have been to my house, b/c we were too nervous moving it down to the makeshift kitchen in the basement.

More to come tomorrow... Monday 4/9, the last day the kitchen will exist, yes demo starts Tuesday at 7am.

We are working in the kitchen. Be up and running soon.

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