I was told today by Stan, the electrician, that I may not have electricity tomorrow. I knew it was coming and I'd have to deal with it eventually, but I'm so not prepared. Hopefully we will have lights by the end of the day, so we won't have to do homework and eat by candlelight.

All of the electric boxes seem to be in for the can, pendant and lighting above the dining room table. I won't know what to do with so much light! In the old kitchen we had a ceiling fan in the kitchen, which gave off hardly any light and one light by the sink that just stopped working one day.

lighting for kitchen and dining room
The crew skim coated the wall in the studio, it was bulging in a couple of areas, and it looks fantastic. I guess the question, I keep asking myself is, does the studio stay a studio or become a extra bedroom for guests.

new studio wall

door leading out to dining room
I was a tiny bit worried that closing that back window, which got the morning light, might make the space dark, but the light that is coming in from the south, is amazing! There is actually going to be so much more natural light now. Another plus with that window gone is that it hides the messy mudroom.

view from dining room looking into the kitchen

Tomorrow, I will start looking for faucets for the kitchen sink and hopefully purchase one. I also hope to talk to my granite guy and get a price for countertops and I should see a sample of the wood top we are putting on the peninsula.

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