They're Here!

The appliances are here!


But, they are in the garage... hopefully they will be installed in the next couple of days. 

The paint is on the walls and the color looks fantastic. The only problem with freshening up paint in a couple of rooms, is now I want to repaint the whole house! In time that will get done. My friend Sharon and I have already picked out a color for the front hallway, Benjamin Moore - Wickham Gray, absolutely beautiful!

The thing about living thru a renovation is ... living thru a renovation. Everyone is a bit tense and tired of that special Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad... it is no longer special anymore. My kids are finally tired of take out and I'm desperately trying to come up with some new ideas for dinners. Any help here would be greatly appreciated! 

Another issue is the animals, the cats are freaking out, we've had to move the litter box twice and now it's in our bedroom! And Boudreaux is having to walk thru a maze of boxes and keeps finding a way to get thru the boxes to see what the crew is doing. 

More updates to follow, once I talk to Paul and Casey later today.

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