did someone say...GRANITE!!!

It's been a while since my last post, life kind of got in the way and we were waiting for Daniel the Granite guy, he's quite a busy guy.

All I need to say is that it was worth the wait, the counter tops are beautiful! He did such an amazing job, check out the photos. I can't wait to pull off that blue protective seal, but I need to be patient. 

south wall with sink in place

section to the left of the stove
corner piece

The above photo is actually two pieces, can't find the seam can you! SWEET!

The next step with the kitchen will be tile, I've laid out my design and can't wait till it goes up!

I know that I've been mentioning the animals as of late, thought I would include their photos. All three of them are such troopers dealing with this renovation.

Broudreaux, he's so sleepy, watching the workers all day wears him out!

LoLo, the only cat that you hear his footsteps when he walks
in the room, perched on his favorite spot

Soda Pop, the king of the animals perched on one of the dining room light boxes

During one of our many visits to IKEA, we bought new outdoor furniture, the old wood furniture lasted about four years, but was becoming very unstable. I let Augie and his buddy, Sol, smash the old furniture in pieces, they had wanted an axe, but I thought it wasn't a good idea, instead they used baseball bats and had a terrific time (and no one got hurt). Of course, Ruby was a bit aggravated with me that I didn't include her in on the destruction of the old furniture.

Outdoor Furniture

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