And then there were cabinets

The past couple days the crew (Loop Construction) has been finishing up the cabinets. You can really get a feel of the layout of the kitchen. Below are some photos. (and no the cabinet doors are not blue, the protective sheet wil be removed a bit later)

kitchen view from mudroom door

view of back wall, stove will go between the two on the left

upper cabinet

another view of the back wall,
dishwasher will go where ladder is

view from the dining room

another angle from the dining room

Below is a photo of the corner cabinet. I love the feature on this cabinet. You can pull the whole shelf out to get to the items in the back. Before I had to either send August back in there, or get in there myself, literally get into the cabinet to pull out things that were hiding.

corner cabinet

corner cabinet pull out

peninsula/island with pull out drawers for dishes

back wall, where stove and hood will reside

Today, Daniel will be stopping by to measure for the granite countertop, and Debra will stop by to measure for the wood countertop and discuss tile on the back wall.

Oh and if anyone is wondering, yes I did go back to IKEA yesterday to pickup two toe kicks and replace a hinge. It's kind of the like that show Cheers, they may not all know my name, but they know me, and I asked if they thought I was the crazy lady, they said no, you're the lady with the blog... I like that!

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