70s Vintage Sewing Box

My new sewing box I picked up today at an estate sale in Elmwood Park. I picked it up for $6 bucks and it was filled with thread, some patterns from the 80s (can probably use on the of them) three pairs of electric scissors, oh my. A ton of needles, ribbon in assorted colors and an instructional booklet for a Kenmore Model 50 sewing machine.

Sewing Susan booklet of needles
interior of box

another shot of the interior

Below is a shot of the front of the sewing box, cannot wait to get rid of the contact paper. I'm going  thru all of my fabric now and wall paper to see what might work. 

front of the sewing box
Below is the top of the sewing box which had a really nasty fabric  over the original contact paper. I have quickly removed it, don 't worry.

top of sewing box

closer shot of the ugly fabric
Below is the top of the sewing box that has this vinyl contact paper, that yes, I have removed. 

top of sewing box

underneath the vinyl fabric

The first thing I'm going to do is spray paint the legs and brown plastic detail around the box high gloss white. Next I'm thinking about covering the sides of the box with this wallpaper that I picked up in NOLA ages ago. See photo below.

possible wallpaper for sides of sewing box
Now off to the garage to spray paint the legs and detail work.

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