My Crochet Journey Began on a Road Trip

My crochet journey began on a roadtrip to Philadelphia.

A year ago in March 2022, my husband and I headed to Columbus to pick up our son and continue on to Philadelphia where he had just been accepted to Drexel Medical School. My plan on any kind of trip is to bring some kind of fiber art project to work on. In the past I've brought a small weaving loom and an embroidery hoop for punch needle work, but this time my bag was filled with a couple of crochet hooks and a few balls of yarn. I had also jotted down notes on on how to crochet different stitches. I was determined to teach myself to crochet. I had watched a ton of Youtube videos on how to hold the hook and yarn and how to do the basic stitches, I was ready... or so I thought. 

The flat lands of the Midwest

My main goal for this crochet journey was to make the beloved granny square.  I have always loved granny squares and all the different things you can make with them. But honestly, I had no idea how to even start the process. Honestly, the only thing I knew was how to make a chain. I realized quickly that I needed to start from the beginning. I had to teach myself how to single crochet, double crochet, slip stitch, read a pattern, make a magic circle, which still brings me anxiety every time I make one. It was definitely a slow start but I kept at it. I made a lot of different "creations" that I eventually would frog. (frog means to unravel) Look at me using crochet (and knitting) terms, haha. But I kept with it, you have to right, if you really want to learn something new.

My backseat crocheting, or trying to, was not going as well as I thought. My frustration consisted of first,  sitting in the backseat of the car, I'm used to driving. Second, listening to my husband son talk about music which sometimes is way over my head. And third I realized my note taking on how-to crochet a certain stitch made no sense what-so-ever.  I had hastily written down all of my instructions to get ready for our trip and I needed slow motion videos I just couldn't get it. I put it away for a while, to give my brain a rest and focus on how much longer we would be in the car. Besides I was too excited to be back in Philly, it had been a while since we had been back. A little history, I moved to Philly after college in 1988, I lived there for six years, I met my husband there and made some of the most beloved friendships while I was there.

We were fortunate enough to see one of our dearest friends and her husband in Lancaster, PA. She fed us, which is always a treat, she's an amazing chef. After catching up and scoring some of her homemade jelly we were on our way to our Airbnb in Mannayunk, just outside the city.

Our Airbnb in Manayunk

Manayunk is a town that I was familiar with because my husband I had been there many times when we lived in Philadelphia, his Mom lived right across the Schuykill River. It's main street is filled with little shops, restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

Schuykill River

Our first thing to do the next day was to tour the medical school, the campus is outside of the city in East Falls, just east of Manayunk. We were very impressed with the school.

While we were in Philly we decided to meet up with a couple of old friends, which we hadn't see for maybe 20+ years. It was like no time had passed and we were able to catch up and have some real quality time. I cherished every minute.

Tattooed Mom on South Street Philly and TastyKakes

Okay so back to the reason for this post, I tend to wander in my writing but stay with me. When we got back from Philly, I felt as though I needed to tackle the granny square. I had been working on my stitches and felt it was time. I found the perfect video by Jayda InStitches and watched it on slow motion many times, and actually figured it out. 

I then gave myself a huge task to make a pillow out of granny squares for my daughter's birthday which was less than a month away.  Once I got the pattern down it was pretty easy and one granny square turned into two and oh boy is it amazing how many squares you can make while binge watching something on Netflix.

Below is a small sample of different kinds of granny squares. Now to start selling some of my creations to make room! 

In the past year I have learned so much about crocheting and I am hooked, haha... (Get it? To crochet you use a hook... ) Anyway, I've figured out not just how to make a granny square but so many other things, but that's for another day and another blog post.

Happy Crocheting!

All photographs ©FlossieWilly

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