Collectible Enid Collins Handbags

I picked up my first Enid Collins handbag outside New Orleans many years ago at a huge antique warehouse on Jefferson Highway. I don't think I knew what I had found at the time or that I would collect a few more over the years.

My collection of Enid Collins purses

Enid Collins was from Medina, Texas and began designing her bags in 1959. She primarily made bucket bags out of canvas or wood box purses. Her bags are signed with an "EC" or "c". She also named many of her bags, which usually appear on the outside of the purse. Enid Collins made hundreds of purses in the 60s but sold her business to Tandy Leather Corporation in 1970.

Name detail of Enid Collins purses

Her purses were adorned with paint, rhinestones, sequins and other jewels and embellishments. Because they are vintage, you may find a couple of missing jewels or possibly the ric rac trim has come loose, nothing that a little glue will fix.

Detail of interior of Enid Collins box bag

Detail of interior of Enid Collins box bag
The interior of the box bags, wooden purses,  have "The Original Box Bag by Collins of Texas hand-decorated for you!" with the copyright and her signature. There is also a small oval mirror, adorned with a playful border around it, great for touching up your makeup.

"Black Bird" by Enid Collins ©1964

The "Blackbird" Enid Collins box bag was purchased in the early 90s at the antique warehouse outside of New Orleans, for $20. It is my absolute favorite purse, I have carried it to many functions and have always gotten tons of compliments. Some of the rhinestones are missing and perhaps some day I will add new ones, but probably not because I kind of like it the way it is.

If you're lucky you can find one these purses at thrift stores, garage sales and/or estate sales. But if you really want one , Etsy and Ebay have a ton to choose from, prices range from $45 - $300+. Just make sure it's signed and dated by Enid Collins, then you'll know you have an original.

Enid Collins box bag and landscape painting

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